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The head massage is probably one of the most important and at the same time most satisfying spots to massage. As we are living in an age of information, tremendous amount of stress is put on the brain to digest all the various inputs. This means that for the brain to fully function it needs oxygen. Muscle tension in the head can lead to lack of oxygen in the brain and will interfere with our processing of information. Headaches, TMJ dysfunction and chronic fatigue syndrome are only some of the most obvious health conditions that can arise from that.

Head massages can release this tension and help to create an environment that can handle all the information put inside of our head. Relaxation exercises and meditation are definitely also very helpful in this regard.

One observation that I made is very interesting. You see kids are now much faster learners than they have been. The computer technology forces them to do so. I mean my little kids hav become so comfortable with the speed of the computer that they are blogging, bringing out their own websites etc. But at the same time the prevalence of headaches in kids has risen too.

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